Senin, 25 Mei 2009

Encore 4.5, Music Writing

Many works of notation software to write our music. If called as Cubase, Sonar, Finale, Sybelius, Encore, etc.. The latter after a try, it seems the most practical. HD memory requirement is not too big.Tools that are used are also very practical. Convenience for users of early music surely will have no difficulty. Then you can control the notes that are written by the sound who is written. Your work must be perpetuated.

Several steps can be followed after the installation process is complete:1. Beginning to open, by default part is who is available for the piano part. If you want to modify it, File - New. Then select the formatting you want. What is the Measure / Bar perline, how many lines per page, Singgle staff / piano staff, or others.2. Use tools (picture beside) to write the notation. Select the appropriate notes and automatically written notes in a bar. Click on "Notes" to change the other tools. As examples of the sign change keys, for example to alert Lock M, drag the desired key signature. If you want to make parts for drums or percussion, Drum Keys drag marks, and so on ... Another example if you want to write the lyrics, click L. Write a guitar chord, click G.3. Menu bars support other needs, like changing the basic tone, change the tempo, adding a bar, etc..
4. If indeed you need that music writing, please print only.
Wrong .... Good luck.

You can
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